Ultra-sky marathon to be organised in Fagaras mountains


Marathon competitions are gaining popularity in Romania. So, there is no surprise that more difficult and diverse competitions started to appear. One of them is the 2×2 Race, which is the only ultra-sky marathon in Romania. The route includes Negoiu peak (2.535 m) and Moldoveanu peak (2.544 m). Both peaks are in Fagaras mountains.

The competition has already 500 runners signed in. They will compete on a 45-47 km distance on August 20. The race is considered a qualification stage for the Ultra Trail du mont Blanc, which is the most important mountain ultra-marathon competition in the world.

The organizers said that the race is difficult not due to the distance but the fact that it is on high altitude. The lowest altitude where the competitors will run is at Balea lake, at 2,039 metres.

Competitors will also run on various terrains, such as forest trails, hard rocks and marble. The route will have 80% rocks.



source: stiridesibiu.ro








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