Largest flying dinosaur in the world to be exhibited at Antipa museum


Hatzegopteryx, the largest flying dinosaur in the world will be exhibited at the Grigore Antipa National museum of natural history on July 28.

The dinosaur has wings that measure 12 metres and a skull that is 3 metres long. It is the largest known pterosaur and was a predator of a small to medium game. It is estimated that the dinosaur lived 71-65 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous in Hateg area, Romania. Hatzegopteryx belongs to the Rasnov Dino Park and it will be shown at the Antipa museum within the exhibit ” Wings over time”. The dinosaur was reproduced according to the last discoveries made by Dan Grigorescu, who found the parts of the dinosaur bones.


The exhibit will be open between July 28-August 14. Visitors can also see the Pteranodon animatronic and another three exhibits near the Geology museum. The dinosaurs will be taken to the Rasnov Dino Parc after the exhibit ends.







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