Documentary on famous road”Transalpina- the road of the kings” to be launched in September



Transalpina road will have its own movie,called ” Transalpina-road of the kings”. Dumitru Budrala, the director will introduce the viewers into the unknown history of this road. The movie will be launched in September.

So why would a road be the subject of a movie? According to the director, this road has been used by Dacian tribes, by the Romans, it has many stories, myths and legends. The road links Alba county with Sibiu county, Gorj and Valcea. The road crosses rivers, mountains, valley and caves. The director has used many archive footage, including interviews with local people, stories from the 1930’s and its inauguration by king Carol II. Back then, it was considered an extraordinary technical accomplishment, with an important economic, strategic and military role.

Director Dumitru Budrala is also known for the movies ” The curse of the hedgehog”, “On the road”, ” County of Sibiu- The south gate of Transylvania”.


source photo:wikimedia








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