Romanian activist receives EuroNatur award


Gabriel Paun, a Romanian activist, representative of the Agent Green association has been awarded the EuroNatur 2016 prize.

The EuroNatur Foundation is fighting to preserve Europe’s last forests and this year it has recognized Gabriel Paun’s efforts for tying to protect Romania’s natural heritage. The foundation has previously awarded personalities such as Prince Charles, Mikhail Gorbachev and Jonathan Franzen.

Christel Scroeder, EuroNatur’s president stated

“Gabriel Paun is beyond comparison in fighting with every possible personal effort for the Carpathian old-growth forests in Romania – forests that remained untouched by man for centuries and are among the most important natural treasures on our continent”



Romania currentl has 60% of Europe’s last forests and these 6,000 year old forests are currently being cut illegally. Although the Romanian authorities have been contacted many times and complaints have been issued, nothing has been done. The police has not arrested anyone and no fines have been issued.

Gabriel Paun, who is a biologist has not only been campaigning for the conservation of the forests but has also chased down the thieves, filming and raising much evidence for the illegal cutting. Although his video evidence has circulated internationally, the government seems to not take any measures.


source: euronatur




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