Romanian welders win gold, silver and bronze medals at Beijing Arc Cup


A team of Romanian welders have won the gold at the 2016 (4th) Beijing ”Arc Cup” International Welding Competition.

The welding team from Damen Galati naval site represented Romania at the competition that was held between June 18-23 in Beijing China. They have managed to win two gold medals for the team category and individual category, a silver medal, three bronze medals and an excellence award for special processes category.

The team was formed by Florin Angheluta, Adrian Gheorghita, Stefan Nichifor,Marius Daniel Neagu, Daniel Pintilie, Bogdan Ghita, Mihaiel Nanu and Marius Daniel Calmuc. 304 competitors from 24 countries have participated in this competition. Apart from Romania, there have been teams from Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech republic, Mongolia, Vietnam, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and China.







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