Cooking competition and onion tasting at the Pericei festival of onion


Local residents of Pericei are preparing themselves to break a world record. A delicious world record. The locals want to gather the biggest crowd of people to eat traditional fried lard on bread with fried onion.

The town has already broken the world record by creating the largest onion crown in the world. The crown was made of 45,000 onions and it measured 4,518 metres.

The lard used is produced from a special breed of pig- the Magalita pig. The festival will also have a special cooking competition, focused on fried lard and onion. Everyone who can cook is invited on September the 3rd.



Pericei is quite famous for its onion. The town has been grown onion for 700-800 years and according to historical documents, the onion was also served on the table of royal families across Europe. Pericei locals were also invited, along with their onion, at the Bruxelles exhibit. The town also has a monument dedicated to this special vegetable.







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