Little town in Romania produces energy out of waste


A town in Maramures county produces electricity out of waste. The little town is currently using a biogas installation that transforms residue sourced from raising cattle.

The system is used for public illumination. This new system will not only save money but will also reduce pollution that is produced by zootechnical farms. Seini town has a high number of farms in the area and is also on the list of most polluted towns in Romania.

According to Protv, the residue produced by farms has started to affect the agricultural lands and the town was forced to find a solution. The town, supported by the ministry of environment and the World Bank , invested 3 million euro in a biogas installation.

Gabriela Tulbure, Seini town mayor stated that the town will save a lot of money for the public illumination, for schools and kindergartens and the local administration building.

The farm owners are also happy about the solution as they got rid of the farm residues issues and they will receive organic compost in exchange of their residue. The town hall is now considering building greenhouses for vegetables.


source: protv









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