12 year old Romanian climbs the highest mountain in Europe


Erik Gulacsi has become the youngest climber to ever conquer Elbrus peak, the highest mountain in Europe. The climber, who is only 12 years old is currently member of the Altitude mountain sports club.

Erik Gulacsi has started his final climbing at an altitude of 4,100 metres and in 7 hours he reached the altitude of 1,542 metres. The mountain was covered by snow, there was fog and very low visibility.

The young climber did not go by himself on this trip, as his father, Bela Gulacsi accompanied him. He said that he has trained in the Carpathian mountains in order to take up this challenge. The Elbrus mountain is the highest mountain in Europe and the tenth most prominent peak in the world. It is part of the Caucasus mountains in southern Russia.

The mountain was climbed in the past also by Tyler Armstrong, 11, from the US.








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