Five amazing Romanian caves to visit with your family


Romania has 12,000 discovered caves and scientists are sure there are many more that are left to discover. The good news is that many caves are open to the public and they are perfectly safe to wonder in. Caves open to the public usually have stairs, built pavements and fences to protect people from slipping or falling. So they are perfect to visit with your family and of course they are children friendly.

1. Bears’ cave

  • In the Western Apuseni mountains, Bihor county.
  • Attractions nearby- Oradea city, Felix spa town with healing spring waters.
  • The name of “Bears’cave” was given because of its 140 cave bear skeletons which were found there in 1983. But don’t worry, there are no bears in the area. The cave  has three galleries and four halls.





2. Dambovicioara cave

  • Arges county, 20 km from Bran
  • Atractions nearby:Piatra Craiului mountains, Bran castle
  • the cave ceiling is only 2 metres high, 250 metres long and it runs in a line like a river.

Pestera Dambovicioara


Florin Tanovici


3. The Wind cave

  • the largest cave in Romania. It is 52 km long, however, only a small part of it is open to the public!
  • near Padurea Craiului mountains, Bihor county




4. Ialomicioarei Cave

  • it has a monastery right at the entrance, cave is 480 metres and 400 metres are accessible to tourists
  • situated within the Bucegi Natural Park, Busteni, Romania
  • nearby attractions: Brasov city, Peles castle




5. Scarisoara cave

  • one of the biggest ice caves in Apuseni
  • houses the second biggest underground glacier in south-eastern Europe
  • situated near Garda de Sus, Alba county
  • nearby attractions: Alba Iulia city, Alba Iulia citadel


photo: pinterest







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