Gabriel Sancraian wins the bronze medal at Rio Olympics!

An unexcpected medal was secured yesterday by Gabriel Sancraian at the weightlifting competition. Gabriel was considered  as having chances to only reach the 7th place and he was by far not among the favourites.

Gabriel was on the fifth place, when he managed to raise above his head 173 kilograms. This type of competition requires the sports person to raise the weight without using his chest for support. The weight must be lifted directly over the head.
At the next competition for 204 kg, he did better and his coaches advised him to try for the 212 kg as they thought he has a chance of getting a medal. They were right as Sancraian managed to lift the 212 kg without problems. He managed to get the exact same points with a competitor from Kazahstan, but because the competitor was lighter with a few hundred grams, the bronze went to Romania.

In an interview with Great News, Gabriel Sancraian said that he did not expect to win the Olympic medal but he wanted it for a long time.







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