Irish man organises   “Long road to the Merry Cemetery”festival in Maramures to promote and support local culture

Peter Hurley from Ireland is organizing a festival that promotes villages in Maramures. The festival is called “The long road to the Merry Cemetery” and it takes place between August 14-21.

A series of events will showcase the cultural values of 63 villages in the area. According to Peter Hurley stated

“We prepared an impressive series of interactions, which we call micro-trips, designed for people with different and specific interests, but with a common purpose: the discovery and appreciation of the traditional culture of the living village, a healthy and pleasant journey to their origins.”

The festival includes many small events such as music concerts ( in Barsana commune), visiting a sheepfold by cart, visiting an artisan, church recitals. There will also be seminars, conferences and workshops within the Mos Pupaza Summer School. Sunday, August 21 the 63 villages wilk take part in an event at Sapanta. Here, people will dance in a huge hora on the streets next to the Merry Cemetery.

If you want to participate at the festival, a special train will go on August 13, 6.00 p.m. from Bucharest, Gara de Nord.



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