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“Scarred hearts” movie wins Jury prize at Switzerland movie festival

Inimi cicatrizate (Scarred Hearts) by Radu Jude – Concorso internazionale
Inimi cicatrizate (Scarred Hearts), Concorso internazionale. From left Radu Jude director, Ilinca Harnut actress, Ada Solomon producer, Lucian Rus actor

“Scarred hearts” by Radu Jude has won the “Premio special della giuria” award( Special jury prize) at the Locarno International movie festival.

The “Scarred Hearts” is Radu Jude’s fourth movie and it is an adaption of a novel by Max Blecher. The movie has been praised by international critics. The movie is set in 1937 and says the story of Emanuel, a 20-year-old man,who suffers from tuberculosis in a sanatory near the seaside.


The movie stars Lucian Teodor Rus, ivana Mladenovic, Ilina Harnut, Serban Pavlu, Marian Oltean, Alxandru Dabija, Dana Voicu, Fernando Klabin and Adina Cristescu.

Radu Jude has also directed “Aferim!” which has won the Silver Bear award at the International movie festival in Berlin.