Great grandma’s recipes inspire young woman to open cafe


A young lady has open a pastry shop and cafe using only her great grandmother’s recipes.

Although Teodora Pup has studied horticulture at university and she thought she will help with her parents’ strawberry business, she opened up this cafe. She realised the strawberry business needs proper technology and a lot of money. The strawberry business has also stopped being profitable, as the price of strawberry has gone down.


She thought of opening a cafe after her friends praised her tasty cakes. They suggested she opens a cafe. She decided to transform her hobby into a business.Although she has never taken any course in pastry  and cake baking, she considers that her mother was the best teacher.


Even though her cafe is in a rural area, the cafe business seems to be going well. She says that the only disadvantage of living in the countryside is the fact that she has to travel long distances to get her ingredients. Her offer includes 45 types of cookies and 30 types of cakes. The recipes belong to her great grandmother and all her ingredients are natural. The food dyes she uses are all made of fruits and vegetables, such as mint, lemon, beetroot.

The coffee shop is located in Hida commune, Salaj county.


Dora cakes facebook page: Doracakes

source article: adevarul





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