You can now see Europe’s largest bison at this new research station in Romania


zimbri photo by bogdan comanescu2955824366251_n
photo by Bogdan Comanescu


Good news for bisons in Romania! Europe’s largest bison has been reintroduced in the wild for some years now and a few days ago a research station for the study of bisons has been established.

The station is supported financially by the Swiss government. The station, situated in Fenes village, Tarcu mountains, Caras Severin county has accommodation for students and researchers. Researchers will be able to monitor a population of 30 wild bisons. The data gathered will help in guiding future projects within the Rewilding Europe conservation activities.

The visiting station in Armenis has become on of the most innovative centres of information in Europe. It has a holographic projection and two installations that store scientific data about the bison in an interactive format. The hologram helps visitors understand the life of bisons.


The first bisons were brought in Tarcu mountains in 2014, after they 200 years from the last sighting. They were brought from different countries from Europe and since then 20 wild bisons live throughout the mountains and 10 more will be soon released. The presence of bisons will not only help biodiversity but also the local community. Since the bisons were reintroduced, many tourists, guides and researchers have come to see them. The locals now offer touristic packages to visitors that wish to do trips in the wild and to see the bisons.

facebook page of the Research station:Magura Zimbrilor












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