Gheorghe Visu wins Best Actor Award at Sarajevo Film Festival

gheorghe visu8735548544592_n

Romanian thriller ” Dogs” directed by Bogdan Mirica has won two prizes at the Sarajevo film festival.

On Saturday, Gheorghe Visu has won the Heart of Sarajevo award for best actor. The second award the movie won was a Special Mention of the Jury

The movie ” Dogs” will be shown in theatres in Romania starting September 23rd.


Bogdan Mirica stated that he was glad Gheorghe Visu has won the award because he worked hard for the part, losing 27 kilos and has lived the character 100 percent.

Gheorghe Visu has played in more than 40 movies and TV series, such as Regina, Gypsy heart, Love tears, Never Enough and Exam.








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