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Romanian students win silver and bronze medals at International IT Olympiad


The Romanian Olympic team has won three silver medals and one bronze medal at the International IT Olympiad in Kazan, Russia.

The silver medals were secured by Andrei Popa, from Mihail Kogalniceanu high school in Vaslui, Costin Andrei Oncescu, from Dinicu Golescu national college, Campulung Muscel and Andrei Costin Constantinescu, from the International Informatics Highschool in Bucharest. The bronze medal was secured by Radu Alexandru Munteanu from the Tudo Vianu informatics national college in Bucharest.

The Olympiad took place between August 12-19.308 students from 80 countries have competed. Thanks to this achievement, Romania is on the fourth place in the world for achieving medals in IT. Romania has 99 medals: 28 gold, 45 silver ones and 26 bronze ones.