21 year old Andreea Grad, named Sorbone valedictorian


At the young age of 21 Andreea Grad can be proud of her achievements. This year she has graduated from Sorbonne university in Paris and she has managed to have the highest academic rank in her class.

Andreea Grad is from Luna Ilvei commune, population 3,000, Bistrita-Nasaud county. She attended the Andrei Muresanu national college in Bistrita, finished on top of her class and after graduating she went to France to study. She will continue her studies in Political Science and International Relations in France at the same university.

The Luna Ilvei community is so proud of her achievements that they awarded her the Luna Ilvei Honour Citizen title.

Andreea stated

” Choosing a university was the biggest challenge for me in my last year of high school. For me it was simple, I always wished to go to France since I was in the 10th grade when during a student exchange  organized by the city hall I had the chance to meet this new universe. Because it’s cheap to dream, I started to dream as well. Many of my friends, who were already studying in foreign countries were encouraging me to take this step and then the results from the national exams  helped me take this decision.”


Andreea Grad says that she chose France because the education system is a very dynamic one, it is very organised and focused on the practical side. Moreover, the educational system in France encourages people to develop their personal skills and learn new skills.

Andreea has already worked with the Romanian embassy in Paris and she wishes to work in diplomacy in the future.


source: greatnews.ro







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