Amazing 86 year old Romanian man donates two incubators to Slatina hospital

Mihai Giuran82

86 year old retired English teacher Ion Mihai Giuran has donated 21,000 euro for the Slatina emergency hospital. The hospital has bought two incubators for premature newborn babies.

Ion Mihai Giuran is not a rich man, however, he donated money to help the lives of babies. It is well known that hospitals in Romania suffer from a lack of surgery equipment and a lack of qualified personnel. This determines a high rate of mortality among the newborns. Hospitals do not get enough funding from the government and donations are scarce.

But why would a retired man donate such a large sum of money? Ion Mihai Giuran has had a hard life. He has studied in Iasi and managed to get a job as an English high school teacher at the Radu Greceanu high school in Slatina. However, during communist years he was imprisoned for 14 years.

During that time many intellectuals that talked against the government were imprisoned. He said that he shared his cell with Radu Gyr who wrote the novel” Last night Jesus came to my cell”. He also met many legionnaires that died in jail. After getting out of prison he kept contact with an English friend  through letters. He was finally helped by some American friends to get out of the country. He moved to London where he worked as an English teacher for 18 years. He continued to hold speeches about the persecutions in Communist Romania, in different cities in UK.

3 years after communism fell he returned to Romania and he started doing charity work.  He has helped the Ion Minulescu county library to create an English section by donating 350 books.

Now he donated two incubators for newborn babies to the Slatina emergency county hospital.

He said for Gazeta Noua

” It is wonderful to be able to save children. They say that we are a country with a high mortality of newborn babies. People with money should do these gestures. I like to do good things and I wanted to do good. If you donate to children, you do a holy, noble thing.”

The doctors are grateful for his gestures and said these two incubators are very useful to the hospital.








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