Brasov History Festival marks 100 years since the first world war



This weekend a special historical reconstitution festival took place in Brasov.

The festival is remembering 100 years since Romania has entered the First World War. The participants have come all the way from the Czeck republik, UK and Austria. The soldiers have reconstituted the battles that took place in 1916.Several other European countries have started with historical representations. Nicolae Pepene, the director of the Brasov History Museum has stated that they decided to organize this festival in Brasov because Brasov was the most important Transylvanian city in which the Romanian Army has started the campaign in 1916.


Visitors were able to come in contact with history through a local exhibition and also a live show. The soldiers were dressed in 1916 army style clothes, with guns and decorations. The festival included speeches about what war means, about sacrifice, heroes and victims.









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