Two Romanian brothers risk their lives to save 9 people during Italian earthquake


Two Romanian brothers have saved 9 people during the earthquake that devastated Italy.

It is well known that Italy has a high number of Romanian expats and many of them have been affected by the earthquake. During the event many people have helped save lives and two of them were Romanian brothers Marian and Daniel Chirilus.

The two brothers live in San Lorenzo. When the earthquake hit on Wednesday morning they woke up and went outside to the market. They moved fast to help others get out of their houses. They went back in the house to get their parents and their little sister. Then, they went to help their neighbours. The door was stuck so Marian broke the door and went upstairs to get them. Luckily he got them all out. Then they went and got a family with two children out of their house and then they went over to another house where they had to break another door to help an old lady and her carer. They managed to save nine people. Daniel Chirilus stated for Digi24 that he did not feel that he did anything important and that anyone in that situation would have done the same. Mauro, a volunteer stated

” They were fantastic. We went together to that door. First, we got the children out and then the mother. After we got the mother out the whole house crashed.

Residents in San Lorenzo now all live in tents next to the village. The two brothers go every day to help firemen with everything they can.








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