Dog breeder from Satu Mare wins European dog show

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Dog breeder Antal Zsombor has won the European champion title for his german shorthaired pointer, Szafir.


The dog breeder is from Satu Mare city and has participated previously in many competitions. His dog is 5 years old and has won many national competitions and international ones. He stated that he has worked for 10 years to breed this dog race. 12,000 dogs have participated in one of the largest dog shows in Europe.
Antal Zsombor stated on his facebook page
“Szafir z Czarnego Dworu is European Champion and BOS! Due to a terrible illness unfortunately Szafir was not the real himself. Everyone who knows him could see that he was not in the top form and generally his appearance is much better. Although, he was beautiful anyway as the result shows and obtained this title at five and a half years! Not only Szafir, but also his descendants made me deliriously happy! His son became Junior European Champion and Best Junior, while his daughter European Champion and Best of Breed!”





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