Children learn to create traditional Romanian blouses at summer camp

tabara ie19001019099793709_n

It seems that ia, the Romanian traditional blouse is gaining more and more fans. Now a group of children have attended a special summer camp where they learnt how to create the blouse.

The 16 children came from Moldova republic and Romania to Valcau de jos. The camp was organised by the Agapis foundation. Ioana Corduneanu, the coordonator of the project has planed to have the biggest online traditional sitting in the world. At traditional sittings women used to gather and sew blouses, shirts, dresses, bed covers, sing and talk.

Corduneanu has praised the girls who participated in the camp saying that they love to use bright colours when creating the shirts. She is hoping that the girls will have great memories from this camp and they might want to exchange their Superman and Hello Kitty shirts with traditional blouses.

tabara ie94549988533249_n

The workshops were held at Valcau de Jos, but also at the botanical garden in Jibou, at the Traditional Art museum in Iaz, Boghis spas and Izoarele Barcaului.

The camp was free of charge and everyone involved has volunteered.

source: agerpres

photo source: coltul romanesc







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