Love food? Visit the Transylvania Gastronomic festival this weekend

Transylvania Gastronomic Festival has started and if you are a foodie you better not miss it! The festival has started yesterday and it will continue until Sunday. 

There are plenty of events to enjoy if you are going to be in the Sibiu area.
Events include live cooking shows, competitions, tastings, debates on food and brunches with meals prepared by the locals. The meals are prepared using 150 year old recipes. Today visitors can taste from a diverse range of local cheeses in Cibin market, at Marginimea Sibiului. Later at Syndicat Gourmet you can have a taste of what rich boyars used to eat in the past.
On Saturday a vegetables and fruit market will be installed at the same Cibin market. Here visitors can enjoy all day a series of events: live cooking shows, competition for the best zacusca ( a vegetable stew that is preserved in a jar and usually eaten with bread), dinner at the fortress.

On Sunday there will be a zacusca and pickles market day. The day will continue with a New Transylvanian cuisine debate, a Young European Chef competition- this will be a live cooking show.

Source:Transylvania gastronomic festival






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