Romanians win six medals at Balkan Equestrian championship


Romania has won six medals at the 2016 Balkan Equestrian Jumping championships organized in Romania. 250 sportsmen from 8 countries have participated in this competition.

The Romanian team has won two gold medals, three silver medals and a bronze one. Romania was on the third place, the second place was secured by Greece with eight medals and Turkey was the best in competition with 10 medals.

The gold for the Junior category was secured by Stefania Ilas with her horse, Quickborn. Anne-Marie Bianca Bontea has won the silver medal with her horse For Future.

Ionel Bucur, who is already a national and international champion has won the silver medal. The Romanian team formed of Damian Cojocariu, Lisa Candin, Alexandra Mladin Bradisteanu, Claudiu Floristean and Stefan Leonte has won the silver medal.

Children’s team constisting of Stefana Maria Ilas, Anne-Marie Bontea, Stefania Stoica-Schuman and Sara Musetescu have won the bronze medal.








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