Romania one of the most welcoming countries for expats, research finds


A new study researched by Expat Insider taken in 191 countries has found that Romania has become more popular for foreign expats and is one of the friendliest countries in the world.

The study surveyed 14,272 expatriates, representing 174 nationalities. According to the research, Romania is situated on place 16 for the top expat destinations in 2016. The best countries to live in were Taiwan, Malta and Ecuador. The least desired destinations were Kuwait, Greece and Nigeria.

The study looked at the quality of life ( where the expats feel safe, healthy and content), ease of settling in ( where expats are met with open arms), family life ( where expats have a good environment for family life).

In the top ten of biggest winners of 2016 we found Romania, which went up 11 places compared to last year.



Romania was also in top four for finding a job and developing a career


The research also took into consideration job security and friendliness of the population. While countries like USA, Denmark and Switzerland have fallen in the rank of friendliness, countries like Spain, Romania and Finland have gone up. On the ease of settling in, Romania ended up on the 7th place, which shows that foreign expats accommodate quite easily in our environment.


Moreover, Romania was on place 12 for feeling welcome, beating countries such as USA, UK and Italy. Romania was also in top 15 for friendliness and the fourth in finding friends.

Although Romania did not rank high with the economy, feeling welcome and finding friends matters with the expats. As the research pointed out

 Even if all the other factors — healthcare, work-life balance, international schools, etc. — are excellent, if expats and their families don’t feel at home, a stay abroad is unlikely to be a success.


See the report here : expat insider









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