1,200 volunteers will build 40 houses for poor families in Bacau


Families from Bacau will have new homes thanks to a volunteer programme called Big Build 2016 created by Habitat for Humanity.

The volunteers are hoping to break the world record for building 40 houses in only 5 days. Between October 3-7, 800 Romanian and foreign volunteers will build houses for disadvantaged families.Moreover, 1,200 volunteers will help clean up the area and also help build the foundations.

Habitat for Humanity Romania stated that volunteers from USA, Canada and another 15 European countries participate in this project. The families that receive a house are families that at this moment do not have a proper accommodation. They are families with 3, 4 or even 6 individuals that live in one single room or even they have to sleep in the same bed.

The families will also have to participate in building the houses and they will pay for them for a period of 20 years, however without paying a deposit or interest. The organisation has been helping families from 70 countries for over 40 years. In Romania they have managed in 20 years to help 64,000 people get a new home. 30,000 volunteers have so far helped with this project.




source: agerpres.ro







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