Airbus factory to open in Romania


An Airbus helicopter factory will open this week in Ghimbav, Romania.

The factory will be officially opened by France president, Francois Hollande and the Romanian prime minister. The general director of Airbus noted that there are already orders for the helicopters that will be produced starting next year.

The factory is situated close to Brasov city and its construction is nearly finished. Because of a lack of specialized work force the factory has trained 21 Romanian specialists for 11 months in Marignane, France. Airbus has also made a contract with the Education ministry in order to ensure specialised work force.

The factory aims to produce 15 H215 helicopters per year with 350 workers. Serge Durand, the general director of Airbus stated that these helicopters are used by ONU in utility transport, human transport, firefighting, search and rescue missions.








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