Amazing volunteers build heliport in Fagaras mountains without help from the authorities


Volunteers from Arges and Bucharest have worked for a week to build a heliport in Fagaras mountains.

The heliport was created in the area of Fereastra Zmeilor, at an altitude of 2.300 metres. the heliport shortens the time of interventions for mountain rescue teams with an hour and a half.

It is important to note that the authorities have not contributed financially, nor did they offer any of the materials for the construction or help for transporting them. The money came from donations from friends of the rescue team. Some of them donated food, cement sacks and a metallic net.




The idea of a heliport came from Relu Nica who works at the Curtea de Arges mountain rescue. He has 16 years experience in mountain rescue. His idea came when in 2009 his team tried to rescue a Polish tourist who fell in the mountain. The team carried the wounded tourist until the Capra cabin heliport where the helicopter was waiting. Unfortunately, because it took them an hour and a half to walk, the tourist did not survive. Since then, Relu Nica started to think about solutions so something like this will never happen again.


Now, thanks to him and 25 volunteers the heliport was built and is ready to be used. The heliport is 8 metres in diameter and was built using stone. The volunteers have carried on their backs sacks with sand weighing 25 kilograms each for hundreds of meters.





Relu Nica stated:

” I want you to know that every little effort mattered for us. We had one person that worked the whole time, a friend that brought over 20 bikers to make things faster, a friend who risked his car to carry sand and cement up there, a girl with her French boyfriend who carried huge rocks for days, an old friend who brought materials but he also worked with us, and not least our nice neighbour who brought us cakes and pies for the whole team”.









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