Disadvantaged children receive free school supplies thanks to two students


192 children from Bistrita-Nasaud county, Cluj, Hunedoara, Maramures and Salaj have received new school backpacks and new school stationery.

The campaign called “Do a child’s backpack” was created by two journalism students- Loredana Bertisan and Saul Pop. The campaign was launched for a month on their facebook page called Art4Education. There the organizers posted tickets with the names of the children and their needs. In total the campaign needed 8,500 euro for the backpacks.



At the first the students wanted to help only 27 children but because people were willing to donate more, the extended the group to 50 children and in the end they managed to help 192.

The two students want to continue with other campaigns to help children with their education. They hope next year to donate 500 new backpacks and perhaps get more volunteers to help.

source: cluju.ro

Campaign facebook page: Art 4Education







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