Bucharest celebrates 557th aniversary with a vintage festival



If you love vintage fashion, old stories and theatre shows, this festival is for you. Bucharest is celebrating 557 years anniversary. The celebration begins with Bucharest Tales. For three days Herastrau park is hosting many events such as carriage rides, flower battles, shows and concerts, children shows, vintage clothing parade and a crafts market.

The festival also will have plenty of animators and live statues.


If you want to participate in the flower fight you have to be in the Herastrau park on Sunday between 5.30-6.00. The flower fight is a tradition started in 1890 and is celebrated every year.


The festival is hosting theatre groups from Spain, Italy and France. There will also be circus shows, creative workshops, sports activities and a bread market.




source: Autoritatea nationala pentu turism


Photos by Vasile Arcanu.









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