Success story:Young man from Cluj manages million dollar business in India


A young man from Cluj has managed to create a million dollar business in India.

Tudor Marchis, 34, from Gherla, Cluj county has set up a business that has 1.350 employees in Bangalore. Just like Cluj-Napoca is seen as the Silicon valley of East of Europe, Bangalore is considered the Silicon Valley of India. But how did a Romanian end up in India? While working at a national company of Facility Management, an Indian investment group have noted his abilities and asked him to join their company in India, making him an offer he could not refuse.

The young man has left Romania for India only five years ago. There he set up an IT business with an Indian partner, a Norwegian and a Hungarian.  He now hopes to reach 2,000 employees until 2017 and up to 3,000 employees in 24 months.

Tudor Marchis, who graduated in Cluj with a degree in telecommunication engineering, has already sold the business he worked hard to set up.  However, he remained as its manager with big plans to extend it in the future. The company’s 62 buildings measure 2 million square metres and they are all set in the Manyata IT park in Bangalore. The company also owns two factories and a school. They mainly focus on facility and energy management for the Embasy Group. The IT park where the company is located ensures a third of India’s technological exports.








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