One of the most expensive jams in the world is produced in Romania


One of the most expensive jams in the world is produced in a village in Romania. The jam costs 365 euros and it is produced by Gherda Gherghiceanu.

The buyer, however, does not only receive a jar of jam for the money, but also five oak trees in a forest in Salaj. Moreover, the jam project is a charitable project as anyone who buys the jam donates money towards the promotion of villages in the Brasov-Mures area. This project is supported by prince Charles.


Mrs Gherghiceanu


The jam is prepared from different berries that are collected from the hills around Viscri village and then it is cooked over a wood fire. The jam does not have any chemicals or preservative in it. It has very little sugar and it is prepared in small quantities to maintain the flavour of the berries.

The jam is put in a unique custom made jar and then in an oak frame. The jam has already made its world debut in 2012 at the Salon International de l’Agroalimentaire, which is the most important food exhibition in the world.

Viscri village, where the jam is produced, has become famous when prince Charles has bought and restored two 18th century Saxon houses in the area. Since then, the village has attracted many tourists who wish to enjoy rural life in Transylvania.















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