Meet Woogie, a friendly robot for children made by a Romanian team


Romanian technicians have invented a robot for children. The robot was developed to become their best friend. It is friendly and willing to learn and its name is Woogie.

The creator of the robot was inspired by his daughter’s stories who used to say that she came from a different planet to conquer the world. The name of the company is also called after her – Aliens by Daria. Woogie’s creator, Bogdan Coman said that the robot can be described as a personal assistant to children and more like an Amazon Echo that is able to learn and has artificial intelligence.


The robot is able to talk, answer and speak to children, it can set music, control smart products, turn off the lights and control the sound of the TV. Parents can also use the robot.


The creators of Woogie: Joe Popov, Bogdan Coman, Andreea Cristina Achim, Oana Korda, Alexandra Adriana and Octavian Cioaca


Watch Woogie in action below


source: mediafax

facebook page of project: woogie







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