Romanian poet George Cosbuc honoured with 150th birthday celebration


The great poet George Cosbuc was celebrated by the entire community of George Cosbuc village ( formerly known as Hordou village).

The community gathered last week at the church for a special service  to celebrate 150 years since the birth of the poet. 55 priests and government officials gathered at the church to commemorate his life.

George Cosbuc has been given the title of honour citizen of the village. The event included also the grand opening of the local library that has the poet’s name and a visit to his memorial house where many of his personal items are exhibited.

George Cosbuc memorial house

George Cosbuc was born on September 20, 1866 in Hordou village. He is considered one of the greatest Romanian poets. He published many poetry books, he worked as a newspaper editor and he was a skilled translator. His works include

Zamfira’s wedding

We demand land

Life’s  struggle

He translated Virgil’s Aeneid in 1896, large portions of Kalidassa’s Sanskirt Abhignanashakuntala, Homer’s Odyssey, the Divine Comedy by Dante Aligheri and Friedrich Schiller’s literary works. He was also an outstanding member of the Romanian Academy.










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