Romanian man saves driver trapped inside crashed car in Italy


A Romanian man has saved an old man after his van fell in a ditch. On the evening of September 13, an 69 year old Italian man was driving his Fiat van on a road in Legnaro, Italy when he suddenly drove off the road into a ditch with water.

According to the police, the road was busy with traffic and the driver could not see well the cars that were coming from the opposite side because of a bus. Because of this the man has turned suddenly the car and lost control. The car fell in a ditch with water and the driver ended up partly under water, risking drowning. A 45 year old Romanian driver who lives in Campolongo Maggiore was in his car with his family behind the bus. When he saw what happened he went to help the Italian man. He went to the car and opened the door, he cut the seat belt and lifted his head from under water.

The paramedics were called and the man was transported to the Piove di Sacco hospital where he received medical care.










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