Sibiu receives title of European region of Gastronomy


Good news for Sibiu locals and for people who love food! Sibiu region has received the title of European Gastronomic region for 2019.

The title was given on September 29 at the Brukenthal Palace in Sibiu, where  a special event was organized for sustaining the nomination for the title. Sibiu has won the title together with the Greece region of South Aegea.

The jury was formed of experts of the Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism international Institute: Blanca Cros, Catalonia, Peter Astrup, Denmark, Anna Blaua, Letonia, Alfred van Mameren, Netherlands, Ilona Sares, Finland.


photo -by 7castle, CC by-SA 3.0, wkimedia commons



Sibiu was chosen as well because previously because it handled with success the year when it was chosen as a European Cultural Capital. In 2007-2008 Sibiu had over one million tourists a year. Astrid Fodor, the mayor of the city says they will try to offer visitors the best and healthiest foods. Ingredients will be provided from local farms. They will also try to promote traditional foods such as smoked meats, delicious country cheeses and stews.







Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism


source photo: wikimedia







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