Travellers with this bus in Cluj-Napoca receive 100 gift books a day!


A special bus is driving around Cluj-Napoca city these days offering over 100 book gifts for anyone interested in reading and travelling.

The bus is set to promote the Transylvania Book Festival which begins on October 4th. Lucky travellers will be able to go around town on the 24B line and every day 100 books will be given away.

The festival will start on October 4th when locals are invited to come with a book in front of the Babes-Bolyai university and then towards Unirii Market where the tent of the festival is set.



The festival includes a poetry jam session, music concert with Dirty Granny Tales group and Times of Need group. Special guests include Italian writers Alessandro Baricco and Franco Moretti who will receive the title of UBB Doctor Honoris Causa. The public will also be able to meet Romanian writer Mircea Cartarescu.

The festival will have a special book launch which is dedicated to the Colectiv victims- “Ash” written by Silviu Ciocanelli, one of the survivors.



Facebook page of festival: Festivalul International










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