Romanian climber conquers the Manaslu peak


Vasile Cipcigan has conquered the Manaslu peak this weekend. The Manaslu peak is 8,156 metres high and is part of the Himalayas. The climber has started his trip in August together with Titus Craciun with the purpose of conquering this mountain.

According to Cipcigan has reached the peak at 7.45 (Nepal time) on Saturday morning. Vasile Cipcigan is a highly trained climber. He works for the Cluj Mountain Rescue Service. The other climber, Titus Craciun is actually not an experienced climber and he works as a journalist. Apparently, this was his first trip outside Romania and the purpose for this trip was for journalistic purpose.


The two climbers have started to train themselves for the climb a year and a half ago. They had to prepare themselves physically, they run up the mountains and had to get special equipment and gear, which cost them around 18,000 euros.

It takes between 8-12 hours to climb the peak and it takes 4-5 hours to descend.







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