Specialists introduce first Romanian 3d bio-printer that creates human organs


Good news for the medical field in Romania! A team of specialists have invented a 3D bio- printer that will be able to print human organs such as kidneys or livers that will be used in transplants.

According to MEDIAFAX, the printer was designed and created at the OncoGen medical research centre by specialists from Symme3D from Timisoara, and it is one of the first bio-printers from East of Europe. The bio-printer will be extremely useful in cancer treatments.

Calin Brandabur, one of the specialists stated that they are already working with the printer and they have created cartilage samples. The samples are created using stem cells and epithelial stems, which are easy to reprogram. At this moment the printer can create large tissues, noses and ears. These are easy to create as they do not have a complex vascular system. Soon they will be able to create more complex human tissues, such as the skin and then they are hoping to create livers, muscles and bones.


The benefit of using an organ created by a printer rather than being donated by a human is that the body has a very low risk of rejecting the donated organ. This is because the organ printed will be created from tissues from the same patient.

So far the medical institute has bought three 3D printers and the tissues are tested on lab rats.


Calin Brandabur said that this project will help patients that suffer from cancer. This means instead of getting a chemical treatment, the patient will have its cancerous cells drawn and together with the healthy cells will be developed in a 3D environment. Then they will be treated and the patient will receive only the medicine he needs.




source: mediafax






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