Tasnad volunteers help to make the streets sparkle

Residents of Tasnad got involved in a bid to change their environment. Several local gathered together to improve the town centre. The leader of the volunteers and the organizer is Cristian Irimus, a local who currently works in England.

He managed to motivate several of them to bring brooms, bing bags and paint brushes. 

They picked up rubbish off the streets and painted the bark benches. Cristian Irimus asked the mayor for support. According to great news, Cristi Irimus stated

” The idea came to me when I noticed everyone was complaining but nobody was doing anything I thought about helping the town and to encourage them as well. So I asked the mayor to help us with the essentials and I talked to people on Facebook to gather volunteers.” The leader of the street project, Kovacs Melinda said that after asking people to volunteer many people changed their minds and some people did not even see the pint on doing anything.

However, overall the community was supportive and many locals brought water and refreshaments to hard working volunteers.
Source: greatnews







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