Romanians to produce the cheapest electric car in the world

Romanian and Belgian specialists are working on creating the cheapest electric car in the world. The car was presented in Cluj this year and it will be produced in Romania.

The car will cost only 5,000 euros however it mht not appeal to some as it only had three wheels. The two specialist teams are working on a prototype and the first ten models will be produced and tested until the ened of this year.

According to great news, the whole project’s idea belongs to Henri Jonckheere from Belgium. Jonckheere has set up an IT company in Cluj and has atracted the attention of a few specialists from the Cluj technical university. The car will be produced in Arges city by the Aro company. It will be made of carbon and will only weigh 150 kg. So far, the most popular electric cars are produced by Tesla, Nissan and Volkswagen.







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