Ivan Patzaichin honoured with Doctor Honoris Causa title

Ivan Patzaichin, gold and silver Olympic medalist has received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Bucharest Sport University.

The title was given as a recognition for a life dedicated to sports and for his contributions for developing and representing Romanian sports on an international level. Many Romanian personalities were present at the official ceremony;: runner Gabriela Szabo, gymnastics coach Octavian Bellu, rower Elisabeta Lipa. 

Patzaichin said

In March it will be 50 years since I left a forgotten village, like my partner used to say. That child wanted to become a champion and he became a champion several times. I have never thought of such an honour to receive such a title. It is a moment that excited me a lot and honours me at the same time.






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