Romanians will no longer need visa to travel to Canada

The president of Romania has just announced that Canada and Romania have reached an agreement concerning the issuing of visa.
From May 1st 2017 Romanians that used to have visa for Canada will no longer need visa to travel to Canada. Starting December 1st 2017 all Romanians regardless their status will no longer need visa to go to Canada.
The president said
I have good news this morning. We have reached an agreement with the Canadian side, a reasonable agreement for both parties and thus we are in a very suitable situation to withdraw the reserve we declared towards CETA (Comprehensive and Trade Agreement e.n.). Romania no longer has any objection to the trade agreement with Canada.
However, the Canadian government has kept their reservations on changing the decision in case the number of illegal immigrants will be high. This decision can be taken however only in the first years of lifting the visas.







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