Romania’s dancers rank first in the world


Paul Rednic and Roxana Lucaciu at the World Championship in Japan, July 2016



Romania’s dancers and Italy dancers currently rank first in the world. The rating was done according to the number of medals.


Florentina Constantinescu and Sorin Simon at the World Championship in Boston



In 25 years, Romanian dancers have won 11 gold medals and 18 bronze ones at the world championships. The competitors who have won at least 8 world titles have been awarded in a ceremony on October 15, 2016.

Vasile Gliga, the president of the Romanian Federation of Dance Sport stated that 15-20 years ago Romania did not even have representatives in competitions. Today, however, our dancers are amongst the best in the world. This is not sheer luck, as this achievement has meant hard work and talent, help from extraordinary coaches and support from parents and friends.


photo source: Federatia Romana de dans sportiv






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