Want to have a laugh? The largest comedy festival in Europe just started in Cluj


The International Film Comedy Festival in Cluj has brought over 150 Comedy Films from all over Europe. The event lasts for 10 days and it already opened last week at the Florin Piersic cinema with a New Zeeland comedy called ” Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. The comedy has won eight prized at the International festivals.

The festival showcases movies from countries such as Morocco, Paraguay, Uruguay and North Korea. There is also a competition for best comedy movie and the nominees are quite diverse, as they come from quite different countries- Saudi Arabia, Italy, Philipines, Spain, Brasil and France. Bogdan Besliu, who selected the movies for the festival has stated that the public is aware of the subjects presented in the movies, but these subjects are treated in a different manner due to the fact that there are social and cultural differences between Romania and other countries.




Romanian comedy will also be present at the festival. The public will be able to enjoy theatre shows produced by Radu Iacoban and Bogdan Saratean and already known movies such as Sieranevada, directed by Cristi Puiu, Scarred hearts by Radu Jude and East business by Igor Cobileanski.

The festival ends on October 30 so there is still plenty of time to book tickets.









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