” Plant of the future” to be cultivated in Romania


The so-called “plant of the future”, called topinambour will be grown in Romania. The plan is also called sunroot, sunchoke and Jerusalem artichoke and it is a species of sunflower which is native to North America.

A specialist team from  Buzau has managed after 20 years of research to create a new type of topinambour and it will be patented soon. The plant now can grow more than three meters high and can gives annual productions of over 100 tons of tubercules for a hectar. The flowers of this plant will be used in naturist medicine and the main body is used in the wood industry. The tubercules of the plant can be consumed by humans. The plant can also be used for making alcohol, as food for animals and even for producing sugar.

The plant was grown in several areas across Calarasi and Buzau mountains. According to Costel Vanatoru, the member of the Agriculture and Forest Science Academy, the plant is a cheap natural source, it is not genetically modified and can grow with success without needing chemical fertilizers.

source: agerpres








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