Great news for taxpayers! Over 100 taxes removed by Romania’s Chamber of Deputies


Great news for taxpayers as the Parliament has agreed to a law project that eliminates 102 non-fiscal taxes. The law was voted yesterday, October 25 with no opposition.

According to romania-insider, Dragnea stated on Facebook:

“These taxes meant time and money lost for all Romanians. We want more Romanians in the middle class and for this we need to eliminate bureaucracy. Instead of scandals, we offer projects. Some like to talk and argue more, we bring them results. While the Ciolos Government is talking de-bureaucratization, PSD offers concrete solutions and eliminates useless taxes that humiliate Romanians.”

Some of the taxes that are eliminated are: the radio-TV tax and the environment tax. The radio-TV tax was used to finance the public radio and the national TV station. Moreover, this tax was included in the electricity bill of all citizens. Romanians also had to pay the environment tax if they bought and registered second-hand tax. Romania-insider believes that by removing the environment tax, citizens will buy more second-hand cars from other countries and that Romanians might prefer to buy used cars than new ones.

Other taxes that will be eliminated are

  • consular taxes
  • criminal record tax
  • fiscal record tax
  • suplimentary tax for passports
  • several taxes when registering a new business
  • taxes for legalization of official documents
  • taxes for fishing permits













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