European bison to double its population in Romania

photo by Valene Aure- own work, CC by SA 3.0


The bison population in Romania will double by 2020, which means there will be over 100 bisons in the Carpathian mountains.

The announcement was made Friday by the WWF Romania and Rewilding Europe. The organisations are working together on this project since 2012 and they are trying to reintroduce the bisons in the Tarcu mountains. Since then, every spring they bring new bisons from centres of reproduction and from natural reservations from Belgium, Germany, Italy and Sweeden.

So far, they have managed to create another second centre of bisons in the Neamt natural park. The organisations stated that they are also concerned with creating a proper ecosystem for the bisons. So far in Romania, there are 50 bisons that roam free.

The European bison used to be the largest mammal on the continent and it used to roam free all over Europe, except for the north of Scandinavia and Italy. Unfortunately, the bison was hunted by humans and it completely disappeared from the wild in 1927. Globally, the bison population is 5,046.


photo by Valene Aure

source agerpres









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