The amazing Elena Pagu! At 90 she wins gold medals at running competitions!


At 90 years old Elena Pagu is a woman worth of admiration. She has recently won the gold medal for a 5,000 metre competition and is currently preparing for another world championship in Australia.

Elan Pagu has already seven world titles and she will not stop there. This summer she celebrated her 90th birthday and she still continues to train by running 10 kilometres per day.

Elena Pagu was born in a village, nearby Suceava and was not a sports person. She started running just before she retired because she was trying to fight depression. Now she runs all the time, even in the winter when she trains barefoot. She claims that she rarely catches cold because she eats chillies and does sports. She believes that retired people should have hobbies or projects.




In an interview with europafm she stated

” Competitions are a stimulant, especially for us, the elderly. You have a calendar, you know that in two months you have a competition, you train yourself and you have a purpose. When you want something and you are older, it is very important. If you don’t want anything, you are ready to be buried!”

According to her the secret to a good life is to be happy with what you already have, to not depend on others and to be satisfied with what you have realised on your own.


source: europafm











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