How two priest brothers are helping their communities by providing free meals


Two priests from two villages in the county of Teleorman, Romania got together to help their residents.  The priests have built soup kitchens next to their churches in Lada and Negrenii de Sus, and so far 200 people, including children and old people with financial problems came to eat.

The priests get the money for the food from donations and from food collection centres in Bucharest. At Negrenii de Sus, 80 children and old people receive a hot meal daily and the priest also personally delivers food to 12 people with disabilities. The local priest, Cristian Bogdan Danu has built the soup kitchen from donations and now he wants to build a social centre. He has also set an NGO called Full House Association where donations can be made.


Because there are high costs with paying utilities and preparing food, six women from the village have volunteered to cook in two shifts. The priests is collecting money for the food and utilities through a page on Facebook.

Right now the priest is building a social centre which has three buildings. He has just set the windows and doors and he hopes he will finish it next year. The social centre will have a kitchen, study room, workshop area, medical cabinet, rooms for temporary accommodation, sanitary rooms, technical room and a food deposit.

His brother, priest Florin Danu has also set up a soup kitchen in his village, Lada where he feeds 80 people. Starting 2012 the priest has decided to help people in need and has set a Sunday church where he taught children grammar, after the worship mass. He says that children that eat at the church come from poor families that live from social benefits or from money that they earn working the field. The priest also helps retired people that have a very small pension and the one hot meal a day they eat at the church is the only meal they eat.


Facebook page of the NGO : Asociatia Mana Cereasca

source article: adevarul







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